Delhi city is not that huge in area, still it is the most significant one for the country, with a huge population. Delhi can be divided into various regions like North, North west, North east, East, South, South west, West and Central (as also shown in the map below). And it is having various means of transport suitable from lower class people to high class varying from cheap public transport means to luxuries facilities, making a big comfort for the living.



Bus Transport- Delhi is a well planned city and roads are the enough connecting entire city. Buses are the good means of travel and cover entire state with there official routes. All official routes are designated there route numbers. Now the bus travelling with a specific route number is having a fixed boarding point and destination with fixed bus stands in between, wherein it board travellers. Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) is the government organisation providing this bus travel facility throughout Delhi. Two types of low floor buses are engaged in the services. One is Green colour bus, which is a non AC service and another is Red one, which is an AC service. Apart from DTC services, there are private licence holders providing the similar travel facility in the city. This is the cheapest mode of travel and having starting fare of Rs. 5 only. Below lies the system.
Ordinary service fares-
Upto 4 kms.- Rs 5 (for adults) and Rs 3 (children with age 5 to 12 years)
4-10 kms.- Rs 10 (for adults) and Rs 5 (children with age 5 to 12 years)
10 kms. onwards- Rs 15 (for adults) and Rs 8 (children with age 5 to 12 years)
AC bus service fares-
Upto 4 kms.- Rs 10 (for adults) and Rs 5 (children with age 5 to 12 years)
4-8 kms.- Rs 15 (for adults) and Rs 8 (children with age 5 to 12 years)
8-12 kms.- Rs 20 (for adults) and Rs 10 (children with age 5 to 12 years)
12 kms. onwards- Rs 25 (for adults) and Rs 13 (children with age 5 to 12 years)
One can also get a pass for Rs 40 and Rs 50 for ordinary bus service and AC bus service respectively and liable to travel unlimited for a day.
Alternatively monthly bus pass facility is also provided by DTC for unlimited travel with following structure-
For general public (all route)-  Rs 800 (non AC) and Rs 1000 (AC)
For students (all route)-  Rs 150 (non AC)
For students (monthly destination)-  Rs 100 (non AC)
For Senior Citizens Above 60 Years (All Route)- Rs 250 (non AC) and Rs 350 (AC)
Inter-state (NCR) Delhi to Bahadur Garh- Rs 920
Inter-state (NCR) Delhi to Gurgaon- Rs 1080
Inter-state (NCR) Delhi to Faridabad- Rs 1240
Inter-state (NCR) Delhi to Ghaziabad- Rs 1280
Free passes provided to categories-
a) Disabled Persons
b) Freedom Fighters
c) Sports Man (International)
d) National Award winners
e) War Widows & their Dependants
f) MLA’s/MP’s of Delhi

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